Our latest roundup starts off with a look
at some very proud 4th graders ready for school.

\Back to homework and reading.


Pretty regular nighttime sight.
Mommy helps the kids finish their studies.

\The latest school fashions are
perhaps Natalie's favorite part of school.


Fall soccer. Do you ever get the
feeling this sport doesn't have an off-season?

Daddy digs all the action
from his seat over on the sidelines.

 More late-summer fun with some major
cash, thanks to Natalie and Kay's lemonade stand.

Everyone complains about Daddy taking too
many pictures, but stuff like this makes it worthwhile.

 Here's the beautiful bride on
 a date night to Tom & Susan's wedding

That's where Daddy got to catch up with some
special friends (and yes, that would be the groom in kilts).


Sometimes we let Mommy drive the minivan.

And on those rare occasions the DVD
player is turned on, Jonathan is truly mesmerized.


Video seems to put Natalie in a trance, too.

Jonathan with his cool golf instructor, Coach Jamati.



Daddy loves to take pics of his little girl.

Finally, we leave you with our wonderful
cousin, Jayvyn, who loves to play with Domino.


Until next time.

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