Our September '09 update kicks off
with Esther and Natalie standing in line.

\We were visiting Universal Studios in LA as
part of our summer '09 vacation to visit Grandma Ellen.


Big highlight of the tour? The shark from Jaws,
or at least a pretty good imposter, tried to attack us.


Our sports freak decided to shoot a
few hoops in order to win himself a little loot.


 Two wins. Two new basketballs. A happy young man.

Does anyone love treats more
than Natalie? Definitely has a sweet tooth.

Yes, we ran into a few famous
celebrities from some Universal movies.

Later in the week, we dressed up a tad
in order to attend Miles Rosner's Bar Mitzvah.



Ever seen Jonathan in a suit???

At Miles' party, Natalie bellied up to
the bar for a Shirley Temple. Notice that
Grandma is being certain there's no booze.


Miles' mom, Abbee, one of Esther's
greatest friends from her old LA days.

The kids jumped into Grandma's pool
just about every day. Catch the video

Everyone enjoyed visiting with
cousin Jayvyn, who's growing like crazy.

It would not be vacation without
Jonathan and Daddy teeing it up.

More longtime friends. A trip out to Simi Valley
gave us a chance to see Karen Spector and her family.

And, there was the annual trip to visit
the Soup Plantation salad bar in Marina Del Ray.

Each night at bedtime, Esther worked on
the sheets a bit. No one knows what she was doing.

Then, after it all ended, we returned to
Burlingame to get ready for the kids' first day
as third-graders at
Washington Elementary School.

It was a super summer of camps, parks, sports,
and more, including a visit by Stephanie and Stuart.
Now, we must rest---and get ready for summer 2010.

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