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This edition starts with a look at
the most beautiful ballerina in the world.

 Natalie has definitely been busy.
Here she is dressed (as a bride!) for
her ice skating show. See the video here


Jonathan is now deep into
soccer season. Here he is on opening
day with mommy and friend Zachary Berger.


Thanks to Mike Berger for
this quality shot of a very intense player.


 Jonathan and Zach celebrate
another victory with smiles & snacks.

Happily, Jonathan has not become
too old and too cool to sit with Daddy.


Meanwhile, Jonathan celebrated
his 8th birthday with a bowling party.

Natalie made the scene, of course,
and showed everyone that she's pretty good.

Here, some of the birthday guests
go a little nuts, which is pretty normal.
Catch all of Jonathan's birthday pics here.

Natalie's 8th had a gymnastics theme.
In this pic, she's telling everyone what to do.


Naomi joins Natalie on a
swingin' ride into a pit of foam.

See all the pics from her party here.



Her favorite birthday gift?
Probably her new American Girl doll.

Birthday parties make children tired.
They can even sleep on an air mattress.


Other stuff? Here's Daddy with a few special
friends. Todd, Teresa and Drake are all smiles.

And cousin Makenzie is the proud
mom of a new baby boy named Jayvyn.


Can you relate?

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