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May 2009 starts off with an inside look at
our morning breakfast treat. That's right, turkey bacon.

 We even had the stuff when we went
skiing at Lake Tahoe recently. Happily,
both Jonathan and Natalie are good skiiers.


The most stylish skiier?
That would be Natalie, of course.


All the Greifs are excellent on the slopes.
Mommy & Uncle Jerry were good instructors.


 We didn't ever get too hungry.
There was always plenty of snow to eat.

Playing in this stuff certainly makes us silly.


This trip also gave us a chance to stop in
Nevada City to visit with Uncle Jerry and Tricia.

Just prior to vacation, there was a lot of
March Madness in the house. Natalie ignored  it.

Jonathan, however, had to suffer through
seeing his brackets collapse. He was a bit sad.

While Jonathan was watching hoops, Natalie was
usually giving Domino plenty of hugs and squeezes.



Then, of course, Daddy would
be hugging and squeezing Natalie.

Natalie says goodbye for this edition.
Next month? A preview of summer camps.


A final thought.

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