This edition starts off with one of Daddy's
most amazing successes. He actually got the
kids to sit together and pose for a pic. Not so easy!

\Around the house, you may find
Natalie modeling one of her new outfits.


Jonathan might be just hanging out,
reading the paper, chowing down, & chugging milk.

Of course, just about every day is filled with
schoolwork. Here, Natalie works on some definitions.

 When the guys are doing a sports night,
you may catch them wolfing down some pizza.

A recent break allowed the kids to head to SoCal
for a few days, where the weather was very, very nice.

 Check Jonathan's amazingly pathetic sand castle.

The main reason for the trip was
an ice skating competition in Anaheim.

Wow---some very intricate work.
Prepping for these ice shows isn't easy.

Of course, when you take that
braid down, you get really crazy hair.



Natalie took several nice awards,
including two 1st place, three 2nd, a 3rd, and a 4th.
More bling for Natalie & Jonathan's award & trophy table.

Spending the break in the LA area
gave everyone a chance to catch up with
some of their favorite Universal Studios stars.





Back in Menlo Park, Jonathan started
getting ready for lots of March Madness action.

Natalie decided to show
off her favorite Costco vitamins.
No one knows why Daddy took this pic.


You know, you've never really
been saluted until you've been saluted
by a nine-year-old wearing sports pajamas.

Domino has a new place to hang out.
She likes to lurk among all the bath towels.

Daddy and Mommy are always ready to smile,
and it's because they know how very lucky they are.

Finally, we close this month with a thanks to
Grandma for looking after us when we went to SoCal.

Until next time.

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