Thanks to a fantastic and dedicated wife and mom,
the B'Nai Mizvah was a rousing success. No, we haven't recovered.

The beautiful Greif women were out in full force.



Makenzie and Jayvyn were fun to be with.

The whole crowd stood in one place for a nano-second.
 It looks like Jayvyn is noting that someone has scored a touchdown.


With the Rawlinsons.

 The girls partied.


Don't forget the boys.

Meanwhile, back to reality. We have to get ready
for our teenagers heading off to the 8th grade in August.

 Our volleyball star.

Jonathan is playing in lots of golf tournaments.
That's because he loves it, and he wants to be a golf pro.

As a matter of fact, he recently finished in 1st place
for his age group at a tournament in San Mateo, Calif.
On a cold & crazy day, he managed to shoot a winning 74.

Natalie still spends a lot of time at this place.
She is a fantastic ice skater, and an Olympian socializer.

Speaking of socializing, too much?

We always like to check on Grandma's
latest activities. At the Computer History Museum
in Mountain View, she plays Jeopardy, and is a big winner.

From the photo archive,
we send a Happy Birthday to Uncle Frank.

At work, Bobby always has a chance to meet some interesting
families with compelling stories. We won't forget Hadi & his mom here.

Clearing the mind after a long, hard day.

As we conclude, let's all remember our wonderful
Aunt Theodosia by way of her art. Here's a cherished piece she
painted of her parents, also Bobby's grandparents. She was a great lady.


 And because Aunt Theodosia always
asked about Domino, we post one of her latest poses.


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