Time for the golf course. School's winding down
and summer begins. Jonathan likes this development.

\We took a pic of Natalie with her long hair just
before she got it all whacked off for a summer cut.


Here are side-by-side results.
She'll let it grow long again for the fall.

\Jonathan got the same treatment.


How long will this new habit last?
Natalie's washing dishes? OK, now grab a mop.

Lots of outside basketball action.
Jonathan drives the lane with passion.

 By the way, squirt guns make good water bottles.

Don't do this at home.

 Love taking pics of this beautiful girl.

Uh, oh. Paper on the floor, an automatic
invitation for Domino to stop any wrapping project.


Back on the links again,
and someone doesn't like their shot.

Jonathan really enjoyed his
soccer season with the Alpine Hawks.



Guess who came by recently to spend time?
Our friend Paige Melvin, dancer and ballet instructor.


We're getting a tad sad, as we're saying goodbye to
a great school. Now it's on to 4th grade and La Entrada.



Hooray! A break from the nightly homework ritual.

We are one very lucky family.


We leave you with Natalie zipping
across a school playground on her Heelys.

She says goodbye for now.

A final thought from Memorial Day.

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