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It's a fearless crowd
riding Space Mountain. And
can you find an unfazed Grandma?

 It was all a part of spring break '08.
This means a trip to Disneyland,, where
mommy gets a chance to act a little nutty.

 Of course, getting everyone to decide
which Disney activity to do means that
someone might disagree. See a grumpy girl?

No grumpy disagreement on this ride.
Mommy & Natalie love blasting space aliens.

For some reason, a certain
young man refuses to smile for a pic.

And yes, before heading home at
night, we braved the Disney souvenir shop.


Other spring break stuff?
Natalie went to an American Girl
lunch and then visited a smoothie shop.

Mommy and Grandma took the kids
to the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball
Center. They also loved the outdoor stadium.



Jonathan got to practice his golf
at LA's famous Rancho Park, which is
O.J.'s course. The 'real killers' were absent.

Grandma took everyone out to the
Culver City ice rink. It's where Mommy learned
to skate in the 60s. The place hasn't changed much.



Important other stuff?
Nephew Stuart graduated from
Radford. He had excellent grades.

 Natalie recently had an acting
performance at school, and here
she is with instructor Sarah Eismann.

The kids continue with swim lessons
and Jonathan just got another ribbon.

Thanks to our friends, the Scheinmans,
we attended a San Jose Earthquakes soccer
game. Here's Natalie with Naomi and her dad, Jim.


Meanwhille, our friend
Don Van Niewenhuise appeared
on MSNBC. Click the box above to view.

Finally, having Domino around
makes things interesting. As usual,
she cannot decide exactly what to eat first.


Hmmm. This seems familiar.
In the meantime, plan a cool summer.

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