Mid-summer camps mean a sprained ankle from
Natalie's volleyball camp at Stanford. She's digging the attention.

Of course, no injury could keep Natalie from
taking care of the furriest member of the household.



Certainly the summer brings lots of smiles and good times.
Don't worry--the mascara is from an ice skating competition.

Here is Natalie with a few of her Kennolyn Camp friends.
Lots of great stuff at this camp, including trapeze. Check this video.


Most of Jonathan's camp activities
are centered around golf. Here, he awaits a ride.

 Another blast, and the finish suggests he likes it.


How often on a golf course do
you run into wild turkeys? It happens around here.

We never have summer rain in Northern California, right?

 Wrong. Just check this out from
a strange July shower. Thank you, macro lens.

No one, and we mean no one, likes baking
chocolate chip cookies as much as these two.

Yet another ice skating competition.
However, we've run out of room for the trophies.

Yes, we get dressed up sometimes.

Don't be shocked.
He was even wearing black shoes.

Back to the course.
Guess who now has the fever?

Our version of a still-life photo.

You know, working at a hospital
brings some some strange yet wonderful moments.



Good friends. Wish we saw them more often.

Forgive the angle, but we love this painting
of Bobby's grandfather William Dicks. This was done
by the kids' great aunt Theodocia Arkus, a wonderful artist.

 Finally, this edition's obligatory Domino photo.
And yes, she's just as totally spoiled as ever. Big surprise.


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