July, '09



July 2009 finds the kids enjoying some homemade
lemonade. As you can tell, it was perhaps a little bit sour.

\It's camp season, of course. Natalie
loved Coco, her pony at Lazy H Pony Camp.


Jonathan was in Decathlon Sports Camp
for three weeks. Here he commutes with friend
Alex Lederman, who is soon moving to England
for a year or more. We will miss him and his family.


Of course, if there are problems with the
camp carpool, Jonathan is on the horn with Mommy.


 The weather has been excellent.
This means lots of outdoor time for the family.

Birthday parties in the summer, like this
one for Jared, are wet and wild and the kids love it.

We're lucky that the kids
are excellent readers. Both N&J just
started Harry Potter #5. Check this video.

It sure is hard to practice golf indoors.
The obstacles can be overwhelming. Video here.



Daddy's golf game has been
getting a tad worse lately, whereas
Jonathan is getting better all the time.

Are those arms or tree limbs?


Big fan Jonathan is thrilled the
Lakers won the NBA championship.

More roundball. See if you can find Daddy in this
high school pic, taken before Y2K. He's the hot one.

Thanks to the Marchasin family for
inviting us to their annual July 4th extravaganza.

Don't say the kids don't get enough culture.
Daddy has introduced them to Three Stooges
episodes on YouTube. The Curly vs. Shemp debate lives.

Finally, many thanks to the family
for this wonderful Father's Day gift.
It travels everywhere, so you are warned.

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