Our first update of 2011 starts off with some
smiling and happy kids in front of Daddy's favorite
background, the garage door, via an Olympus E-PL1.

\Of course, lots of stuff has been happening,
including Natalie's joy at celebrating New Year's Eve.


This meant she was allowed to stay up past
midnight on New Year's Eve. Movies and then
watching the ball drop. Yes, Domino stayed up also.

\This young man was asleep much
earlier. That's because he was quite upset
by Carolina's really crummy bowl game outcome.


What in the world? Yes, we are now a part
of the Wii universe. Mommy and Natalie love
working out to Just Dance, a very cool, fun game.

These are lucky kids to get such wonderful gifts.

 Being a guy, Jonathan cannot stand having to read
directions. He makes this a very brief, reluctant exercise.

Sparkle has been a bit concerned that
Domino gets too much attention on the Web.
Problem now rectified. This is one spoiled bunny.

 School's cool, especially Natalie's
recent La Entrada performance in Peter Pan.

This month, everyone in the family gets a self-portrait pic.
Here's Daddy riding shotgun on a recent excursion. He's on
the passenger side because Mommy hates his driving, right?


Jonathan chose this for his self-portrait.
He told me to tell everyone that he is sleeping.

Natalie grabbed this arm's length shot in the driveway.


Here's Esther's self-portrait contribution---
she's hanging out in the kitchen, big surprise.

We loved visiting friends over the holidays.
Is their a finer woman in the world than Linda Wadley?



OK, come see us, everyone.

Of course, some members of the family
find this entire presentation quite dull and boring.


A final thought..

Meanwhile, some other sites and stuff you really should be aware of:

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