Before we get to holiday '09 stuff, let's share
the kids' new third-grade pics. The clothing is a tad
casual, but we didn't know pics were happening this day.

\Hanukkah and Christmas were celebrated
with lots of food, family, smiles and a few gifts.


Moving into a new house means extra space.
That gave us some room for a nice Christmas tree.


Of course, the holidays bring some fun gifts.
Jonathan got an electric football game from Grandma.

 Daddy got a Snuggie from friends at work.
Grandma helped us try it on. We all fought over it.

Natalie has been continuing her
ice skating shows. However, there
are occasional issues with her assistant.

Still, she was able to hit the ice
for her Purple People Eater performance.

Jonathan has started playing on a
third-grade basketball team. He is very
good, with solid shooting and ball-handling.



The holidays also mean lots of
relatives, such as cousin Jayvyn from LA.

And, the time off allowed us to visit
a few friends we seldom see, such as Lisa.


Vacation also meant we had room for some
field trips. Here's Natalie at the San Mateo County
Museum, where she was on trial for being so beautiful.

Back at the house, you will notice
that she reads Harry Potter every morning
at breakfast, with Domino at her side, of course.

And while that's underway,
out in the garage you'll find Mommy on the
bike and Jonathan shooting some garage hoops.

All in all, the holidays and gifts were really
great, and we hope 2010 will be just as good.
No doubt we may be the luckiest people in the world.

Happy New Year.

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