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2009 kicks off with a
great new school photo of the kids.

 The holidays were fun. Natalie & friend
Kay went to San Francisco to skate outdoors.


Kay was able to get mom
Catherine out to play on the ice.


Not everyone enjoyed the skating experience.


 A couple of days before Christmas,
Bobby went to San Francisco for a reunion
with some very special friends from a past life.

In January, Aunt Pam came for a visit.


The whole crowd hit Outback
on Aunt Pam's last night in town.

Someone likes to show off
their beautiful new bike from Grandma.

Bike riding is exhausting, so there
are frequent breaks to stay hydrated.

The weather has been fantastic, which
means we have time to golf with Tim and Linda.


Jonathan's art was on display
as part of a school project at the
Foster City Library. Quite impressive.

Speaking of art, here is an
extraordinary painting of Grandma Ellen.
This was in Germany when she was 6 years old.



Here's Brian, the son of Esther's
co-worker Dave Orcutt. He's serving our country
in Afghanistan. The kids hope to meet him one day.

If you come visit us,
don't leave your coat on the floor.


Goodbye for now.

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