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We're having a great summer '08.
This means lots of scooter and bike rides.

 This is the part that stresses
daddy out. Slow down & watch for cars.


One of the best summer
highlights ever was Natalie's
first ballet recital, a major success.


Afterwards, of course, she
received roses from her many fans.


 Lots of camp action.
Natalie did a week with the ponies.
Here she rides PJ. YouTube has the video.

Mommy congratulated Natalie
on her impressive equestrian skills.


Summer camps also mean lots
of carpools. Here Daddy drives five
kids. He almost cracked up several times.

Natalie's favorite of all so far,
no surprise, was ice skating camp.
It's where she received her first medal.

Jonathan loved the
Decathlon sports camp. At the end-
of-camp ceremonies, he got a soccer award.

Many, many sports freak friends also
did Decathlon. Still, Jonathan's favorite
so far is golf camp, but there are no pics.


Andrew, Jared, and Jonathan
went to Great America, where the lines
were awful. This had no effect on the silliness.

Natalie and Hannah hit
the Foster City Art & Wine Festival,
but only for the rides...not for the wine.



Natalie & Esther went to
Culver City for cousin Makenzie's
baby shower, where the now-retired
Uncle Jerry was providing entertainment.

And here's mom-to-be Makenzie with
happy dad-to-be Talib and his sister Tena.


Uh, oh. Yet again, our friend
Don has morphed into a media pundit. He's
also very good at this crap. Will they ever pay him?.

Finally, this month's Domino issue.
Every time Jonathan starts up with his
putting, Domino creates a major obstacle.


A final thought.

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