Our Spring '11 edition looks back with memories of
winter. Here's Natalie on a snowy vacation to Yosemite.

\Daddy played pack rat and super-donkey,
carrying stuff and taking pics & video while the family
was skiing. Also, check Natalie's snowman on YouTube.


Returning home meant getting back to lots
of basketball. Jonathan was in the NJB league.

\Jonathan also played on a 4th Grade
team with wonderful classmates from La Entrada.


Big basketball news on the home front.
Guess who now has a goal over the garage?

Meanwhile, there have been a lot
of hairstyle adjustments in Natalie's life.

 Natalie's curls were actually for a Shirley Temple
salute at school. You can catch the video on YouTube.

Daddy wanted a shot with the curly-haired girl, too.

 Mommy did all the work, of course.

Who wants to have a group over for March Madness?.


Spring also means scootering
around the neighborhood with friends.

No problem getting this
young lady to perform for the camera.


Spring also means that
Daddy and Jonathan are on the course.

Regardless of the time of the year,
there's always an ice skating competition.
Here's Natalie with a trophy from "Three Blind Mice."


There is no better ice skating volunteer
than Mommy, seen here running the check-in table.

A behind-the-scenes perspective
of the standard trophy-photo ceremony.

Well, at least I was able to get one photo
of the kids together in this edition---but it wasn't easy.

As usual, Domino sends best wishes to all.

A final thought.


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