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Spring starts off with the
kids having an Easter egg hunt.
Jonathan points out another winner
while Natalie does all the heavy lifting.

 The Easter egg extravaganza
was organized by Judi and Miriam.

 Easter eve was busy, too,
with Esther volunteering at the
kids' school for the Spring Celebration.

This allowed us to have a nice Saturday
night out with friends. This also meant an
evening without Golf Channel and sweatpants.

Sure is nice to squeeze
the beautiful bride in public.

A couple weeks prior,
Stuart and Zachary came to
visit. Of course, we took a day out
to visit SF, and here we are at Pier 39.


We also hit the mean streets
of town, which meant doing the hills.

Zachary contemplates the
meaning of life...and a great view.



That week gave Stuart a chance to
catch up with an old golf buddy of his,
the legendary Don Kristofferson. Here
they pose on the 18th at Half Moon Bay.

Guess who Zachary trained
on the Wii? And she certainly loved it.



A casual moment in the
kitchen with three good-looking types.

 Other stuff includes Jonathan
showing off his new haircut. Shortly
after this, he lost one of those front teeth.

Natalie got a new cut at the same
time. Wow. She certainly looks beautiful.

Now appearing as a regular website
feature, as requested by no one. It's the
obligatory cat photo. Find the Band-Aid.


Another busy month at school.
Here Jonathan shows his entry in
the 'invention convention.' They're gloves
with padding to help fight off cat scratches.

And when school is out?
It's springtime, which means play time.


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