Getting ready for the holiday season means
doing some big-time training in order to stay flexible.

Of course, Jonathan's in training, too.



Wow, these were some very tasty cupcakes Natalie made.

After a hard day of cooking,
time for a nap with one of Natalie's furry friends.


Nothing like warming up on concrete
just before teeing up another big round of golf.

 Now, we have some big 13th-birthday news.
Friend Katie joined Natalie
on a trip to get her ears pierced.


And, Natalie's reaction was ???

There have been a few dress-up events lately.
Unfortunately, a certain young lady did not cooperate
with the photo. That is why we only see part of an appendage.

 Daddy went to Sacramento on a business trip.
The lawmakers (!) were not in session, so it was pretty quiet.

Having dinner alone in Sacramento meant that Daddy had time
to play with his camera. Who wants a photo of a sesame cracker?

See if you recognize anyone at the go-kart track.

An all-too-familiar sight around the house.

How many jars of this stuff
can one family go through in a week?

OK, can anyone tell us the mascot represented by
the headcover on Jonathan's driver? There's only one Cocky.

We sure were happy Grandma was
here for the kids' big entry into the teenage years.

This thing is a lifesaver.
Well, I guess "lifesaver" is sort of ironic.


 And, as usual, Domino has the final word.


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