Well, the kids have officially entered a years-long period
during which they will never want a parent to take their photo.

Well, almost never.
This took a whole lot of negotiation.



Jonathan has been busy with golf, and this was a big day.
He took first place at an FCWT tournament in San Ramon, Calif.

A lot of time on the range.


Who likes visiting friends in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs also means a visit from Aunt Mimi.


Back home, spring has sprung. Still need rain, please.

Yes, we do selfies.
Jonathan is putting on the green in the background.


When Esther takes an out-of-town trip,
she keeps Bobby organized
. Single-spaced, two pages.

Who wants a throwback to 2009?



Don't give me that look.

I don't know how to caption this.



This was a very special night.

Sure miss these friends.
Happy Birthday to both of these ladies.


Do not tinkle on the course, and do not learn the
proper use of a plural vs. possessive apostrophe. Goodbye.

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