June 2012 starts off with some changes.
Natalie recently got braces and a summer cut.

Prior, of course, the hair was very long.


The fashion around here seems to be basic golf
and Abercrombie, with a little bit of basketball & ice skating thrown in.

\Speaking of golf, someone got a chance to
blast a ball into the Pacific Ocean a couple weeks back.


Yes, he nailed it. Good finish.

Natalie appeared with friend Katie in the
school musical Annie Jr. They were great performers.

 Thankfully, all these activities do not get in the
way of Daddy and daughter getting some hugs in.

Annual date night? Could be.

Some visitors lately.
Who loves being spoiled by Grandma?

And, who loves being spoiled by cousin Zachary?

Speaking of being spoiled, you're looking at
the most spoiled rotten cat in the entire universe.

If there is ever a fire, we know who
Natalie plans on saving first, guaranteed.


Of course, she'll grab Sparkle, too.

Nothing like hanging out with friends
at the ice skating rink while Natalie's doing her thing.


As we wind down the school year, we are
quite proud that the kids played in a recent concert.

And yes, even the sports boy took part.


Science projects abound and they've been
very, very complicated. Thankfully, Mommy supervises.
You can see a video of "Natalie's Garden" presentation here.

Well, we guess that's enough for now.
Coming soon are summer camp pics. Goodbye, fifth grade!

(PS: I use the latest technology in creating this site.)

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