Let's kick off 2012 with a look back at the last couple of
months. Kicking things off? Some successful birthday partying.

\And yes, the house did turn into a Halloween joint.


Things were going pretty well for Thanksgiving until
we noticed that one guest decided they could wait no more..

\Visiting at Thanksgiving was cousin Jayvyn.
He and Natalie spent some quality time together.


Our Christmas activities were well-attended.

The same goes for Hanukkah.
We love celebrating with Grandma and Aunt Miriam.

 Two very attractive women out for a night on the town.

Through all this stuff, Natalie kept on skating
and participating in competitions and shows. Video here.

She also kept up with her music lessons.

Jonathan has his chosen instrument, too.
Video here.

Everyone's happy that we're playing winter golf.

Is there a better golf buddy than Don Kristofferson?


Of course, Natalie digs sports, too.
She's been beating Daddy in ping-pong lately

Thank you, Linda, for inviting us to your house
and to visit some fine-feathered friends at the Capitola Wharf.


Jonathan loooves bowl games. And bowls of chips.
Thank you to great friend Dillon for the Fiesta Bowl invite.

Of course, no bowl game was more exciting than
the Gamecocks' Jan. 2 smackdown of Nebraska. Our superstar
coach, Steve Spurrier, got yet another Gatorade bath. Fantastic stuff.

Flashback time.
Anyone remember this pic from around 2004?

Flashback redux.
This was probably around 2003?


Can't end this edition without a thank you
 to my family for this super-duper birthday gift.

Daddy's breakfast.

Happy New Year.

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