2017 kicks off with winter in Northern California.
No matter how cold it is, Natalie is ready for frozen yogurt.

Earlier in the evening, the whole family went
out for Daddy's birthday and to the Slider Bar in Palo Alto.



Busy season. When Natalie had her holiday
ice skating show, some special friends came to watch.

Did you know that Esther makes several bowls of fresh
fruit for the family every day? This is Jonathan's morning layout.


Daddy had the whooping cough. Don't ever get this.
It took a while, but eventually he hit the golf course again.

Welcome to the best moment of the day.
It's when mommy comes home after running her many errands.

Did we mention that the latter part of the year is busy?
Yep. From birthdays to holidays to the new year, it's insane.

Of course, it's all made a bit
easier by a visit or two from Grandma.

Having her here for the holidays
certainly means lots of laughs and smiles.

Watching it all with her usual detached
bemusement is the most spoiled member of our household.


Finally, let's leave you with a memory from a
few years back. Our future pro begins his lifelong addiction.


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