Welcome to 2013.
As usual, the kids aren't too crazy about posing for pics.

But when they get into it, the results are pretty good.


Jonathan's been bundling up for winter golf.

 Practice, practice, practice.


These dishes mean one thing.
Lots of family and food for all the holidays.

How many of these visitors do you know?

 December visitors included a reunion with
Lynn and Ron Bernheim. Esther and Ron are cousins.

A rare thing occurred. We were able to get
siblings Jerry, Esther, and Miriam together for a pose.

Holidays are really a great time for kids.
We sure enjoyed having Jayvyn around for a few days.

To escape all the holiday commotion,
Grandma went to the living room for a Kindle retreat.

Other recent stuff included Natalie's
Jailhouse Rock outfit for her ice skating routine.

Jonathan finds that lying on the floor
provides no rest, especially with Sparkle around.


Natalie keeps a steady eye on the menagerie.

Thank you very much!
Daddy got a dream camera for his birthday.


Unfortunately, this means he's taking more pics than ever.

This also means photographing
lots of weird and unusual stuff that no one cares about.

Guess who loved the Gamecocks all season long?
Here she's watching
the Outback Bowl victory on a tablet.

Yes, we are thankful to survive such a
happy and fun season. Here is the guru making it all work.

 Come see us, but don't worry about your shoes.
We promise one of our family members will guard them.


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