Our Summer '16 edition kicks off with Natalie enjoying a swim
at the amazing home of friends Rhonda and Nic of Blythewood, SC.

When Jonathan wasn't in the water,
he was chilling out in the hammock. Tough life.



In the meantime, Esther was showing
some long-hidden skills in Rhonda & Nic's pond.

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.


Earlier, the entire trip kicked off with Bobby visiting
Aunt Christine, cousin Dovima, and her husband David in
South Florida. This was a great reunion 47 years in the making.

Then, it was off to Natalie's ice skating show in
Birmingham, AL. She and her team were absolute stars.
Here we are with big-time photo bomber Dave and friend Karen.

Yes, we had some southern barbecue. Thanks for asking.

A trip through Augusta meant a stop at a certain shrine.
We were not allowed entrance, but we brought clubs just in case.

A huge memory was the July 4 SC gathering with cousins.
We truly appreciate Debbie and Kenny for allowing our invasion.

Vacation also meant Lake Murray tubing.
Thank you to cousin Kenny for such a fun ride.


We also reunited with many old friends at a Columbia restaurant.

Our usual stop in Rock Hill, SC, meant a visit with
great friend Sue. Congrats on the much-deserved retirement.



Then, back to California and the links.

And, the best camp counselor around.



Finally, this edition's closing spot goes to Sparkle.
She was getting a little jealous of all the attention given to Domino.


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