Why are Esther and Natalie at a bus stop?

They were bound for another excursion during
the family's spring break trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.



This was one of the views from our condominium.

Yes, the weather was great and so was the beach.
Click here for a video of some of the swim adventures.


When in Rome, or in this case, Mexico,
one must partake in local activities...even in the morning.

It's also an excellent opportunity to bring out
Daddy's embarrassing, but necessary, floppy hat.

Vacation is one of those rare times when the
family slows down enough to achieve some group shots.

We did the Art Walk one afternoon.
It was nice to change the routine with new experiences.

Did we mention that Grandma Ellen joined us?

Why all the smiling? We're at another cool restaurant.

This gives you an idea of what we're talking about.

Who wants to ride to the zip line in this truck? We do.

Now this is an unusually decadent scene.
Daddy focuses on his beer while mommy enjoys a frosty drink.

Eventually, it was time to split, but these two will be back.


And, thankfully, we returned home safely.
And guess who was waiting for us at the door?

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