Looks like a Spring Break '16 vacation to Palm Desert.
We want to thank Uncle Jerry for the amazing Integratron trip.

Three of the people in this pic, all women,
experienced birthdays recently. We tried to celebrate.



Guess who flew in to help us with the partying?

The trip also allowed us to spend time
with a very cool young man, cousin Jayvyn.


A day trip to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
meant a lot of fun and a great time playing in nature.

Yes! Snow!

There was also a trip and hike to
one of Esther's faves Joshua Tree National Park.

OK, let's don't forget about the great golf.

Thank you, Don, for the round at Indian Wells.
He and wife Florence are two of the greatest friends ever.

Back at the ranch, there were many kitchen discussions.


Of course, Esther does not travel without her oat cakes.

Not certain why, but Natalie is having
some sort of disagreement with her Cheerios.



For those who care about such stuff,
dad took this photo with a macro lens from quite
a few years ago. What is more surprising is that the
camera sensor is from around 2008 or so. Not bad at all.

Oh, well. Time to hit the road for home.
This means more time with Natalie's appendage.



And when we get home, she runs straight for Domino,
who didn't seem to mind posing for this throwback pic. Bye!


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