Welcome to our furry home.
This seems like to be one of the more constant activities.

Do you see you see any 11th graders around here?



The rare pose for a new solo pic.

It was a busy summer, especially with Natalie's
camp counseling and Jonathan working at the driving range.


A big trip was to Ohio and Wisconsin.
This is a group shot of an outing to the Cedar Point
amusement park prior to Michelle and Stuart's wedding.

Too many to name, but visiting
the Wisconsin relatives was a lot of fun.

And how about some time in Ohio with Aunt Cletta and Uncle Alan?


After vacation, the boss was back at the ranch and
keeping everyone on schedule -- and organizing the Tupperware.

It was a wonderful visit when
niece Makenzie came by for a couple of days.

This visit also gave us an
opportunity to meet Steve, her fiancÚ.

Kids grow, you know.
Here is Jayvyn with Steve's son, Noah.

Of course, summer had to end,
and the fooling around for pictures came to a stop.

In conclusion, a throwback to some year unknown.

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